Commercial Processor

Your business has different needs and you need a manufacturer that recognizes what is important to your business and delivers on what is needed to fulfill those needs.  You need a manufacturer that understands your production schedule can change and has a solution to provide inventory on demand to meet your changing needs because not supplying and shutting down your line is not an option.  We take being your supply chain partner serious and offer a variety of services to make sure your business is running smoothly.  We offer just-in-time inventory services, flexible lead times, on-time delivery and a high level of service that you can rely on. 

We are the industry leading manufacturer of automatic de-nester quality bake cups.  The bake cups and plastic trays that we manufacture are designed to run at optimal performance levels through your automation and denesting equipment.  You will save time, labor and material with our product. 

We offer problem solving, technical resources and design services.  Contact us to find out what we can bring to the table for your business over and above a high quality product.  For an in-person consultation please contact us at:  330-821-6300